EDGE Ventures is a family owned and operated capital investment group. Originally focusing on the pharmaceutical and health care retail businesses, we have experienced rapid and sustainable growth and are now successful investors in several sectors. Our main areas of investment focus are on Real Estate, Fitness, and Retail. Among other opportunities, our additional current interests include hospitality and technology.

We believe our job as a venture funding company is to work with our partnering businesses by not only providing investment capital, but also through sharing experiences, offering resources, and cultivating relationships essential to empowered partnerships.

Our Team


Eric has been involved with many facets of previous family run health care and retail businesses after completing educational pursuits in business management and organizational structure. The managerial, organizational tasks and responsibilities provided a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience that shaped Eric’s strength as an operator of Edge Ventures today.

His past experiences encompass broadly all aspects of those operations including staffing, wholesaler negotiations, budget management, inventory control, employee compliance, as well as new locations expansions which involved lease negotiation, store layout, buildout, and merchandising.

In 2008, by partnering with his brother Paul Gleit and longtime friend Jacob Khotoveli they acquired their first shopping center of 27,000 GLA and have since grown by purchasing multiple centers to what is now over 1,000,000 GLA. Eric is involved in most aspects of his real estate ventures and by bringing in his previous retail experience he has a unique perspective when working with retail tenants and seeing out additional locations.

Added assets that contribute to Eric’s successes come from his multicultural background and commitment with strong interests in arts and philanthropy.


Paul has been involved with many aspect of previous family run health care/pharmacy businesses. His educational background in law and public health has been synergetic to business’ needs.

His responsibilities and experience centered on back-end operations including reconciliations, security considerations and regulatory compliance management. As compliance specialist, Paul developed familiarity with systems and general business operations, thorough understanding of ethics, regulations and laws, as well as working with management, regulators and auditors.

It is those qualities of detail that he brings to Edge Ventures.

Added assets that contribute to Paul’s accomplishments come from his multicultural background and strong interests in law, politics and philanthropy.


Michael has been involved and invested in retail pharmacy and healthcare services businesses.

With over 40 years in a pharmacy career, Michael built a successful group of community and specialty pharmacies in the New York City Metropolitan area. Michael’s philosophy is in technology innovation and application in pharmacy care, pioneering the blending of alternative/ health food and pharmacy retails and his design and development of patient’s therapy adherence algorithms leading to rewarding and fruitful outcomes.

Assets that contribute to Michael’s successes value to Edge are based on:

  • His learning and understanding every level of business development and processes;
  • His family’s support, participation and contributions in businesses and novel concepts;
  • And his willingness to explore non-traditional innovative ideas.